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Tips for Children’s Flatfoot Pain

Children need to be active. They should run around at the park, go swimming in the summer, and spend time being kids. Too often, children nowadays are spending time inside, eyes glued to a television or tablet. Sure, there is value in relaxing—and studies show there may be cognitive benefits to playing video games—but activities like these are best done in moderation.

Child foot

Of course, if your son or daughter experiences flatfoot pain, running around and being physically active is obviously not going to be as enjoyable as it should be. When it comes to alleviating this pain, the good news is that nonsurgical treatment might very well be all that your child needs. This can include any combination of:

  • Shoe inserts. Proper arch support for the feet can potentially help this condition. Pairs bought over-the-counter might work well, but custom orthotics crafted by our office for your child’s unique feet can be even better.
  • Stretching. In addition to pain, stretching exercises can also help combat tiredness in the foot, ankle, or leg that develops from the flatfoot condition. A stretch that is particularly beneficial is the heel cord stretch. To perform this correctly, have your son or daughter stand in front of a wall and lean forward. Have him or her step back with one of the legs, keeping it straight and pressing the heel into the floor. At this point, he or she needs to bend the front knee until a gentle stretch is felt.
  • Icing. The use of ice can help relieve pain and inflammation in the area. Freeze a paper cup full of water and then have your son or daughter roll it back and forth with the bottom of his or her foot.
  • Medication. It’s always best to consult with our staff for dosage recommendations, but nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication can help take away flatfoot pain. Give us a call to find out what is right for your child.

There are many instances where low or fallen foot arches do not cause any issues for children. When your child does experience flatfoot pain, however, we can provide the relief he or she needs. Simply reach out to our Chicago office—we are conveniently located on W. Archer in Garfield Ridge—through our website and schedule an appointment or give us a call at (773) 586-0050 on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday (best days to call).

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