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Ten Reasons to see a Podiatrist

1. You run as a part of your exercise routine. You’ll get helpful advise to avoid injury.

2. Your joints in your ankles or feet become sore, stiff or tender. 

3. You are a diabetic. Get a foot exam at least once per year as you are more prone to foot problems. 

4. You are bothered by heel pain. If it persists see a Podiatrist for early diagnosis.

5. You experience ingrown nails that cause infection. You Podiatrist can alleviate your pain quickly with proper treatment. 

6. You suspect a broken bone. You Podiatrist can make sure you have the correct treatment and proper care. 

7. You need surgery on your foot. Broken bones, bunions, ingrown toenails that recur can be helped with surgery. Your doctor will advise you. 

8. Corns and callus can be painful where the skin thickens and builds up over time. 

9. Bunions which is a bump near the lower portion of the big toe. They get worse unless properly treated.

10. Athlete’s foot, which doesn’t go away. If you have any of these foot conditions call our office for a foot examination.

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