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Do My Crooked Toes Need Surgery

Are your toes bent out of shape? If the middle knuckle seems to be permanently bent downward—a condition known as hammertoes—it’s best to address it as quickly as possible.

Sure, you might not feel any pain just yet. But a crooked toe is just the start. Over time, the once-flexible joint stops flexing entirely. Moving the toe can become very painful, and the tops and tips of your bent digits may no longer fit comfortably inside of a shoe. The pressure and friction this creates can become very distressing, and can cause secondary complications such as corns and blisters.

Foot With HammertoesThat said, many people put off seeking treatment for their hammertoes, either because it doesn’t hurt very much yet, or because they’re worried about surgery. But this is actually the exact wrong approach! Crooked toe conditions often can be addressed without any surgery at all, with painful symptoms resolved or delayed indefinitely—but you have to act early to get that benefit!

It is true that hammertoes will need surgery if you want to permanently fix them. However, straightening out your toes isn’t always the No. 1 goal. Instead, the main objective is keeping you active and fully mobile without toe pain getting in your way.

That’s our focus when you arrive at our office. We strive to take care of all your foot care problems simply and effectively, without expensive and unnecessary surgeries and with minimal intrusion in your day-to-day life. When hammertoes are still flexible and producing only limited pain, simple conservative remedies such as new shoes, prefabricated or custom orthotics, physical therapy, and exercise can help you keep them that way.

If you wait too long, unfortunately, surgery may become necessary to restore your feet to pain-free status. That said, our commitment to simple and effective treatment extends to these situations, too. That’s why Dr. Daniel Walters has trained extensively in minimally invasive surgical techniques, which allow him to minimize the size of the incision, risk of complications, and length of recovery as compared to more traditional surgeries. There is also no need for screws, pins, wires, or implants to be inserted. Not to mention the advantages of getting you in and out of our office with no expensive hospital stays on your bill!

If any of your toes are looking bent or crooked, we urge you to make an appointment with us as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not you’ve experienced any significant pain yet. We’d love to help you keep the pain away for as long as possible, with methods that are simple and conservative in nature. To see us in Garfield Ridge, Chicago, drop us a line by using our contact form, or call the office at (773) 586-0050.

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