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Ingrown Nails – Avoiding Trouble

If you’ve ever had an ingrown nail you realize how painful they can become. It’s important to get them treated BEFORE they become infected. One of the most common sites for foot problems and pain are the toenails. Redness, swelling, pain, or drainage coming from a toenail are often and indication of an infection or an ingrowing toenail. Improper nail trimming can cause infections and more serious problems especially in Seniors.

So often we see patients who come in after cutting their own nails. We usually find they have not used the proper method to trim them. This usually causes the issue in the beginning. Over a few days the skin reddens around the nail and eventually an infection starts. We can trim your nails for you to avoid this problem. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when trimming your nails.

Importance of Good Nail Trimming

  1. If you are diabetic, do not trim your own nails, let us help you.
  2. Cut the nail straight across, not at an angle
  3. Use a nail file to file down the corners
  4. Do not “dig out a nail on the side”, this can cause an ingrown nail.
  5. Watch for any type of redness around the nail within a few days of trimming.

Living a Healthier Life

If you have a hard time with nail trimming, give us a call. We can do a safe and an effective job where you nails won’t get infected. It only take a few minutes in the comfort of our office. Give us a call today.


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