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Diabetic Foot care

Diabetes can be a problem at any age

No matter how old you are if you have diabetes it requires special care, especially your feet.

Here are a few Important Things to know about Diabetic Foot care

  • Work with your primary care doctor to keep your diabetes under control.
  • Examine your feet frequently. You can use a mirror to assist you. You should look for blisters, cuts, and other issues with the skin.
  • You doctor can give you ways to stay active and fit.
  • See if your Medicare coverage covers special shoes
  • Clean your feet everyday especially between your toes.
  • You can apply lotion to the bottom and top of your feet, just not between the toes this helps the skin stay soft.
  • Don’t go barefoot, keep your shoes and socks on.
  • Keep your feet protected from hot and cold. Wear your shoes.
  • Monitor your circulation to your feet. Put your feet up and make sure they are not numb.
  • Let a Podiatrist trim your nails.