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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries can happen at anytime, it is important to get them looked at quickly. A hairline fracture or other injury can start healing quickly. Contact us right away for immediate treatment and put your mind at ease.

Important Things to Know

Many times injuries don’t get better by waiting longer

  1. We have in-office X-Ray services to provide an accurate diagnosis
  2. Physical therapy is available in the comfort of our office for your convenience.
  3. Rapid recovery is possible if you act immediately so you can get back to your favorite activity and sports.

Get the Care You Deserve

An injury can happen when least expected. If left un-treated it can delay your recovery and cause pain and discomfort on a continued basis. Most active people will find it is not worth the risk to have an on-going and nagging injury that just doesn’t heal or remains a problem months down the road.

Please note: It is better to seek immediate treatment rather than risk a long-term injury that doesn’t heal properly.

Call our office for an immediate appointment and examination so we can help you avoid long term pain.