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Nail Issues

One of the most common foot issues that patients experience are nail issues. Fungal nails or ingrown nails.

Important Things to Know

Nail issues can get worse.

  1. In the case of ingrown nails they can rapidly become infected. You should seek treatment if the skin around the nail becomes red.
  2. Fungal nails are a nuisance and become unsightly. We can help treat these type of nails very easily.
  3. Your feet can support beautiful nails, with the proper care.

Get the Care You Need for Nail Problems

Nail problems can be eliminated with proper foot care. Why not enjoy beautiful feet all year round.

The most common foot issues: Nails. Many times patients just disregard these type of conditions, when in fact they can easily be prevented or minimized by early treatment

We know most women are conscious of their nails and generally seek to beautify them with nail polish. Often we find that nail issues occur due to improper cutting of the nail. They are either cut at an angle, or too short which opens the door for ingrown nails and pain. We suggest coming in our office and getting your nails cut by us prior to having polish applied. We can help prevent painful nails this way and your feet will look and feel great! Give us a call.