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How Did I Get Fungus Under My Toenails?

Nothing makes you want to hide your feet from the outside world quite like a fungal toenail infection. Fungi under your nails can produce a host of unpleasant and embarrassing symptoms: yellowish discoloration, a thickened nail plate, a ragged and crumbly edge. No matter how much you hope and wish the problem will just go […]

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How to Fix Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails may seem small, but they can cause a great deal of pain and distress, especially if they never seem to go away—or keep coming back. While some people may wind up with an ingrown toenail as the result of an injury or accident, others get them over and over for seemingly no reason […]

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Ingrown Nails – Avoiding Trouble

If you’ve ever had an ingrown nail you realize how painful they can become. It’s important to get them treated BEFORE they become infected. One of the most common sites for foot problems and pain are the toenails. Redness, swelling, pain, or drainage coming from a toenail are often and indication of an infection or an ingrowing toenail.

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