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Stop Heel and Arch Pain with Orthotics

After a long day on your feet, how do your heels and arches feel? If they ache, swell, sting, stab, or burn, you’re not alone. Foot pain, especially in the heels and arches, is exceedingly common, and unfortunately keeps millions of Americans from being truly able to enjoy their work, hobbies, and daily activities. But […]

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5 Stretches for Heel Pain

In a big, blue collar city like Chicago—where standing, walking, and working on your feet is the norm—heel pain is a common complaint. Fortunately, most cases are temporary and can be dealt with conservatively. If you’re currently struggling with a bit of pain in and around your heels, stretching can help. Here are a few […]

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Person holding heel as if in pain.

Treatment Options for Heel Pain

When your heels hurt, simply going about your daily routine can be a struggle. For most people, there’s really no way to opt-out of using your feet—at least not if you want to do your job, take care of household tasks, or enjoy many of your favorite hobbies and activities. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to […]

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