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Tips for Children’s Flatfoot Pain

Children need to be active. They should run around at the park, go swimming in the summer, and spend time being kids. Too often, children nowadays are spending time inside, eyes glued to a television or tablet. Sure, there is value in relaxing—and studies show there may be cognitive benefits to playing video games—but activities […]

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Is It Finally Time to Do Something About that Bunion?

For some people, bunions seem to be an inevitability. A way of life, if you will. Grandma had them, mom had them and, well … here we are. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help yourself! Bunions can be extremely distressing, and in severe cases, can cause pain and hamper your […]

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Foot Care for First Responders

It takes a truly staggering number of dedicated, determined, and talented people to keep our communities safe and ensure all Chicago residents have access to the emergency services they need. To serve a population of 2.7 million, the Second City needs enough first responders to fill a second city of their own! That list includes […]

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bottom of foot pain

Pain in the Bottom of Your Foot

Chicago is proud of its blue-collar roots, and a large portion of the city’s workforce still works and lives on their feet. That can be good for physical fitness, but it can also lead to pain in the bottoms of the feet, whether from a short-term increase in activity or years (or decades) of constant […]

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What’s New in the Field of Podiatry

Does Foot Care Change that Much? It certainly does, that’s why it is so challenging to find good foot care. Dr. Walters goes to extreme efforts to stay up on the changing field. Not only does he stay in tune with the latest break-throughs but continually finds new ways to treat old problems with podiatric medicine. […]

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