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Why You Need Diabetic Shoes

We’ve previously discussed the importance of seeing a podiatrist if you have diabetes. In the post, we discussed how the lower limbs can be affected by the disease – including the potential for limb amputation when protective measures aren’t taken. We also identified proactive diabetic foot care as being better than reactive treatment. Well, one […]

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Why Diabetic Wounds Need Treatment ASAP

We are proud to provide patients with many valuable services here at our Chicago podiatrist office, but perhaps one of the most important is diabetic foot care. Keeping the lower limbs safe requires education and early treatment when an individual has diabetes. Diabetes affects the body in a variety of ways—including causing alarming damage to […]

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Why You Need to See the Podiatrist if You Have Diabetes

Whether you’ve only recently been diagnosed or you’ve been living with diabetes for a long time—maybe your entire life—your condition can make life feel overwhelming at times. We get it. Diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from a full, active, normal life, though. If you want to stay healthy, you need the discipline to keep […]

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Proper diabetic foot care is critical if you want to prevent complications and maintain healthy feet.

Your Diabetic Foot Care Checklist

It’s easy to take your feet for granted—right up until the point they start hurting. Unfortunately, for people with diabetes, that may already be too late. Diabetes poisons nerves and chokes circulation in the feet, which means that if you aren’t paying attention even small cuts could become infected ulcers. At that point, you’re looking […]

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