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What’s New in the Field of Podiatry

Does Foot Care Change that Much?

It certainly does, that’s why it is so challenging to find good foot care. Dr. Walters goes to extreme efforts to stay up on the changing field. Not only does he stay in tune with the latest break-throughs but continually finds new ways to treat old problems with podiatric medicine.

Dr. Walters feels it is important to have the medial office be at the hub of treatment and convenience for his patients. That’s why he continues to invest in the latest equipment and treatment methods.

Within his office he offers:

  1. Physical Therapy for the convenience of his patients.
  2. An In-house X-Ray machine providing immediate results and diagnosis of issues with their feet.
  3. Dr. Walters offers a variety of foot care products in his office that are helpful to his patients.

New Treatments for Foot Problems

As new treatments become available Dr. Walters is an early adopter when he finds things that work well and are proven effective.

It All Starts with a Foot Examination

When you get routine exams of your feet and explain your foot concerns it opens the door to finding unique solutions to your foot problems. We suggest that you come in several times a year and talk with us about your concerns. Make an appointment for a consultation.

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