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Do My Crooked Toes Need Surgery

Are your toes bent out of shape? If the middle knuckle seems to be permanently bent downward—a condition known as hammertoes—it’s best to address it as quickly as possible. Sure, you might not feel any pain just yet. But a crooked toe is just the start. Over time, the once-flexible joint stops flexing entirely. Moving […]

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Stop Heel and Arch Pain with Orthotics

After a long day on your feet, how do your heels and arches feel? If they ache, swell, sting, stab, or burn, you’re not alone. Foot pain, especially in the heels and arches, is exceedingly common, and unfortunately keeps millions of Americans from being truly able to enjoy their work, hobbies, and daily activities. But […]

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5 Stretches for Heel Pain

In a big, blue collar city like Chicago—where standing, walking, and working on your feet is the norm—heel pain is a common complaint. Fortunately, most cases are temporary and can be dealt with conservatively. If you’re currently struggling with a bit of pain in and around your heels, stretching can help. Here are a few […]

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Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

Physical therapy is one of the best available remedies for a wide variety of painful foot, ankle, and lower limb conditions and injuries—particularly in cases where pain is chronic or you’re rehabbing an injury. This field of medicine uses physical, mechanical movements and pressure to alleviate tension and stress, reduce pain, heal damaged and injured […]

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy—the science and art of using mechanical movement to relieve pain, heal injuries, and rehabilitate function—is one of the most effective conservative treatment options for foot, ankle, and leg pain. It’s also an important part of what we do here at Daniel J. Walters Foot & Ankle Care. Why do we stress physical therapy […]

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