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Why You Need Diabetic Shoes

We’ve previously discussed the importance of seeing a podiatrist if you have diabetes. In the post, we discussed how the lower limbs can be affected by the disease – including the potential for limb amputation when protective measures aren’t taken. We also identified proactive diabetic foot care as being better than reactive treatment. Well, one […]

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Why Diabetic Wounds Need Treatment ASAP

We are proud to provide patients with many valuable services here at our Chicago podiatrist office, but perhaps one of the most important is diabetic foot care. Keeping the lower limbs safe requires education and early treatment when an individual has diabetes. Diabetes affects the body in a variety of ways—including causing alarming damage to […]

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Can Pigeon Toes Be Corrected?

Intoeing—a condition you might know as “pigeon toes”—is something that concerns parents, especially new ones. Many wonder what kinds of long-term impact the condition will have on their child’s life or if pigeon toes can be corrected. Let’s start with a quick look at why intoeing happens. There are generally three different causes – metatarsus […]

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Tips for Children’s Flatfoot Pain

Children need to be active. They should run around at the park, go swimming in the summer, and spend time being kids. Too often, children nowadays are spending time inside, eyes glued to a television or tablet. Sure, there is value in relaxing—and studies show there may be cognitive benefits to playing video games—but activities […]

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